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Z-PLUS, the systems integrator who builds computing systems for clients by combining hardware, software, networking and storage products from multiple vendors. An enterprise company that specializes in implementing, planning, coordinating, scheduling, testing, improving and sometimes maintaining a computing operation.


The breadth of the Dell Technologies portfolio makes us the partner with the IT solutions and expertise to help you transform your organization for the future, no matter what industry you’re in.


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Accelerate your transformation anywhere with a broad portfolio of servers optimized for the latest workloads. A server chosen for your business needs makes a great difference. We can help you build for now and for the future.


Rack Servers

PowerEdge AMD Servers

Highly capable enterprise-class single- and dual-socket servers that break down the cost barrier for deployment of emerging workloads.

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PowerEdge 1S Rack One-socket Servers

A cost-effective balance of performance and storage capacity to make IT easy. Designed to easily grow and evolve with your business.

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PowerEdge 2S Rack Two-socket Servers

A wide variety of features to accommodate more demanding workloads. Offered in price and performance configurations to suit most environments.

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PowerEdge 4S Rack Four-socket Servers

The workhorses of the data center, offering the highest performance for demanding workloads like data analytics, AI, and GPU database acceleration.

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Tower Servers

Built for non traditional locations


PowerEdge Tower One-socket servers

Cost-effective, entry-level solutions designed for core office workloads, like file sharing, print, point of sale, and database applications.

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PowerEdge Tower Two-socket servers

Accommodate high-performance applications like web serving, consolidation, and virtualization with more cache and speed. Flexibility for expansion.

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Purpose built servers

Specialty servers

For your most demanding workloads. Designed for complex applications that require high performance and large storage.

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Rugged servers

Certified for telco and military use. Withstand the extreme heat, dust, shock, and vibration of extreme environments.

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Modular infrastructures

Configurable IT with extreme performance


PowerEdge MX

Modular, 7U integrated solutions designed for enterprise data center density and future extensibility with easy deployment and management.

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PowerEdge C Series

Server node providing a dense, accelerated computing platform for high-performance cognitive workloads.

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Data Storage Portfolio

Whether hosting large amounts of unstructured or structured data, Dell has the storage solution to meet your business needs. Striving for innovation that outpaces organizational needs has never been more important for IT. Dell Technologies software-driven storage solutions strengthen IT security and supercharge efficiency for your multicloud world.


Primary Storage

Get the scalability, intelligence, and cloud integration you need to unlock the value of your data. Accelerate your critical workloads from core to edge to cloud while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.



Data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure.

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Powerful architecture, simple operation, trusted innovation.

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Affordable entry storage optimized for SAN/DAS.

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Unity XT

Simple unified storage with multicloud.

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Mission-critical storage at scale.

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Unstructured Data Storage

Manage the rapid growth of unstructured data with flexible, easy-to-manage solutions. Efficiently consolidate a wide range of file and object storage workloads at any scale while enhancing the performance of the most demanding workloads.



Simplicity at any scale. Handle any data, anywhere with intelligent insights.

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Cloud scale, geo-distributed object storage.

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Storage Management and Add-Ons

Simplify, monitor, organize, and optimize your environment with these fundamental technologies for the Dell Technologies enterprise data storage ecosystem.



Discover, understand and act on all unstructured data across your environment.

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Connectrix Fibre Channel SAN

Storage Area Networking solution that enables servers to share block-based storage.

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Enables continuous availability and data mobility.

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Cloud-based app leveraging Machine Learning to proactively monitor and measure the overall health of your data center environment.

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Intelligently manages data paths between servers and storage.

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Storage Resource Manager (SRM)

On-premises monitoring and reporting to optimize heterogeneous storage environments.

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Data Protection Portfolio

Secure your data across edge, core, and multicloud environments with software and purpose-built appliances. Dell Technologies delivers cyber recovery, backup, disaster recovery, long-term retention and more to help you protect all your data and applications.


Data Protection and Backup Solutions

Meet specific challenges of a constantly evolving IT landscape with our data protection technology.


Cyber Recovery

Protect critical data from cyber attacks and ransomware, identify suspicious activity and perform data recovery with easy-to-deploy management and automation software.

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Innovative multicloud data protection solutions with the widest protected workload ecosystem from legacy data to cloud-native.

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Dell gives organizations the choice to confidently plan their modern data protection strategies through constant innovation, agile engineering and tight integration with VMware.

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Data Protection and Backup Appliances

Protect your data across edge, core and cloud with industry leading data protection appliances and software defined solutions.


PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance

Simplify modern data protection with an integrated appliance based on PowerProtect Data Manager.

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PowerProtect Appliances

Simplify your backup and recovery solutions with a one stop shop of backup appliances delivering more efficiency and increased agility to meet cloud, VMware and cyber recovery data protection needs.

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Data Protection and Backup Software

Dell Technologies data protection software delivers next-generation data management and comprehensive data backup capabilities to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.


PowerProtect Data Manager

This software-defined solution includes self-service protection, centralized governance and SaaS-based reporting and monitoring.

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Data Protection Suite

Built on proven software solutions, this software suite provides comprehensive, simple and flexible data protection.

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Dell APEX as-a-Service Solutions

Dell Technologies data protection as-a-Service unlocks the flexibility to scale on demand and pay as you go.


APEX Backup Services

SaaS based data protection, offering backup and disaster recovery with infinite scalability and controllable costs.

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APEX Cyber Recovery Services

Dell-managed cyber recovery solution includes the hardware, software, and services needed to protect critical data – all in one convenient subscription.

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HyperConverged Infrastructure and Converged Infrastructure

Modernize IT, simplify operations and lower risk


Simplified hyperconverged systems for modern and traditional workloads

Benefit from the breadth of the Dell Technologies HCI portfolio that allows for choice based on current infrastructure, operational models and desired IT outcomes.



VxRail integrated systems are designed with VMware, for VMware, to enhance VMware-enabled organizations’ ability to streamline operations and predictably evolve.

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VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail

Accelerate your journey to a VMware software-defined data center and hybrid cloud with VCF on VxRail.

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vSAN Ready Nodes

Modernize the data center with HCI that combines a wide range of PowerEdge servers with VMware vSAN™ in a jointly certified, pre-configured solution that reduces risk and expedites deployment.

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PowerFlex software-defined platform combines compute and high-performance storage resources to deliver flexibility, elasticity, and simplicity with predictable performance and resiliency at scale.

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Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack

Dell Technologies and Microsoft have partnered to provide two solutions that enable hybrid and edge computing applications to be built and managed consistently across locations, providing choice and flexibility to address diverse workload needs.

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XC Family

XC Family solutions consist of XC Series appliances, XC Core nodes, integrated Nutanix software, and PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon processors to offer one of the industry’s most versatile and scalable HCI platforms.

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Converged Infrastructure

Simplify IT and transform operations by bringing together compute, storage, networking, and data protection in fully-engineered systems and validated designs from Dell Technologies.


VxBlock 1000

Deliver VMware cloud operations faster, consolidate your high-value workloads and simplify life cycle management with this industry-leading, fully integrated compute, network, storage and data protection solution.

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Modernize your network with Dell Technologies

The Dell networking portfolio enables customers to meet the demands of modern workloads from the edge to the core to the cloud - today


Ethernet Switches

Make the switch anywhere you need it, from the edge to the core to the cloud. Designed for architectural agility and flexibility to help data centers smoothly migrate to a software-designed data center.


PowerSwitch Data Center Switches

Deliver the network performance from 10GbE to 400GbE for today’s modern workloads.

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PowerSwitch Edge Switches

Modernize network edge for bandwidth intensive applications, PoE powered devices and IoT.

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PowerEdge MX I/O Modules

Multi-chassis scalable fabric architecture and a robust fabric-level automation framework.

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Edge Networking

Modernize your wide-area infrastructure with industry-leading hardware platforms and VNFs (virtual networking functions).


Virtual Edge Platform

Dell Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) empowers customers to modernize their WAN from legacy appliances to a modern virtualized environment.

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Edge Gateway

The new intelligent Dell Edge Gateways help companies connect OT/IT environments and extract value from their edge-generated data with no interruptions to their infrastructure.

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Network Operating Systems

Deliver full-featured Software-Defined Networking functionality with Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity that meets your needs with software from Dell, VMware and Open Networking ecosystem partners.


Dell SmartFabric OS10

Combines the best of Linux, open computing and networking to advance open networking disaggregation.

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Dell OS9

Designed to deliver high performance in the largest and most demanding IT environments in the world.

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Dell OS6

Enhances workforce productivity enterprise class feature, functionality for campus networks.

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